Ticking Along

After the endless problems of the first week, we’re now happily ticking along quite smoothly. We even managed to sort out a substitute for the failed Vaisala radiosounding system. Axel and Lars, the IT and electronics engineers on board, managed to build a very effective system from an old broad-band radio scanner, some downloaded software (COAA Sonde Monitor) produced by and for enthusiasts to receive radiosonde data in real time, some co-ax cable, a spare 12V power supply, some terminal block, and a capacitor (see below)


While we can’t do all the processing required to generate the WMO standards compliant messages required for use in initialising weather forecast models, we are able to get all the data required for later analysis. It’s amazing what can be achieved by people with the right skills and endless enthusiasm for solving other people’s problems.

Since we don’t have any web access, we couldn’t complete the online registration for the SondeMonitor software; a big thank you to its creator,  Bev Ewen-Smith, for sending us a registration ID by email.

_LL-0732 - Balloon for Bev


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