Returning to the Arctic

It has been a while – nearly two years – since the last post from the SWERUS cruise around the Arctic Ocean on Oden. We had a year off fieldwork last year, but are about to return to the Arctic Ocean, and the Oden, (probably) the best icebreaker in the world and certainly our favourite. We are participating in the Arctic Ocean 2016 expedition – a 6-week cruise that will take us to the North Pole, and down the Lomonosov Ridge towards Greenland.


We join the ship in Longyearbyen, on Svalbard, in a week’s time. There are several very different science projects sharing time on the ship – more on those later. I am leading a small team to study interactions between the atmosphere and sea-ice. In addition to myself and my post-doc John Prytherch we have two early career researchers: Anna Fitch (from the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) and Piotr Kupiszewski (from ETH, Zurich and the Meteorological Institute, Stockholm University). All four of us will be posting updates here.

Another cruise blog is that of Runa Skarbø:


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  1. Runa said:

    Thanks for the mention. See you soon on Oden!

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